Virtual Kids Yoga 

Live from Anacortes via Zoom this class series is designed to engage a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful age appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques will help to prepare children for a lifetime of mindful focus while, sparking creativity, enhancing language development, motor coordination and social skills.

These lively classes are infused with music, crafts, picture books, friends and and fun!

Currently offering live online sessions contact Melissa here for more info!

Family Yoga

Family yoga is all about connection! Plus, yoga is a great way to get moving and have fun. Enjoy quality time away from screens and other distractions, so you can bond, breath, and move together. Whether you have experience with yoga or not, this class is designed for a wide range of abilities. It includes age appropriate yoga activities that build focus, enhance language development, motor coordination and, social skills. It’s sure to awaken the inner child of all participants!

Currently offering private sessions. Email Melissa for more info: hawkinsyoga@gmail.com