About Us

Next Generation Yoga Philosopy

We believe that kids are natural Yoginis because of their “in the moment” attitude, innate flexibility and unlimited potential for growth; that balanced lives begin with balanced children; and that through Yoga, we can positively affect the health, well-being and confidence of the next generation.

Next Generation Yoga encourages children to use their whole bodies, independent minds and intuitive senses as we engage and educate their entire beings. We respect and encourage the developmental and individual needs of every child. Kids use their natural energy and enthusiasm to move, play, imagine and express themselves as they explore mindfulness, body awareness, positive health and Mother Earth.

Our interdisciplinary approach integrates the ideals of traditional Yoga with creativity and fun. Playful Yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and nourishing relaxation techniques are sprinkled with music, crafts, books, props and educational and sensory elements to create a unique learning experience!

Most importantly, we are sharing the greatest lessons of life from the start: how to understand, express and love oneself, inside and out.

Our Intention is that Children Always Feel Better After Doing Yoga and Enjoy These Boundless Benefits:

  • Develop strong, flexible, healthy growing bodies
  • Increase concentration, balance and body awareness
  • Receive the gift of confidence and self-esteem
  • Spark creativity of ripe imaginations
  • Cultivate a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
  • Acquire the tools for stress management
  • Encourage peer and social interaction
  • Exercise self-reflection and tolerance toward so theres
  • Inspire Yoga in all areas of life
  • Have fun with anatomy, health and environmental awareness

Our Story

Melissa Hawkins has been working with young children for 16 years with over 9 years of experience as a kindergarten teacher in the public schools. As a practicing yogini for the past 12 years and a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and Next Generation Yoga she works to share yoga as a tool for educators, parents and children. She believes that mindfulness combined with movement helps lay the foundation for a lifetime of success. Melissa’s yoga classes playfully weave mind, body, and community with music and interactive storytelling while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness.

Through her own personal practice Melissa has found yoga to be the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. “Yoga teaches me to stay connected and fully engaged with every moment. Noticing and finding beauty in the seemingly mundane, and ordinary moments is like the cherry on top of my ice cream.” When Melissa is not teaching you might find her dancing in the kitchen; “I just love culinary adventures!” She also enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, hiking, traveling, and lounging in hammocks.