mindful moments

Join Next Generation Yoga teacher Melissa Hawkins as she demonstrates how to do the 5 finger starfish meditation for children. This mindful meditation combines soothing touch with focused concentration that often has an immediate calming effect.

Next Generation Yoga for kids with Melissa Hawkins presents a simple and calm breathing exercise called flying bird breath. This can help to reduce anxiety and stress it can also be used as a tool to help children calmly transition between activities. It’s fun too!

Next Generation Yoga teacher Melissa Hawkins presents 5 reasons to sing with children along with a song to soothe children’s anxiety. This song is from the book ‘Play Therapy with Vulnerable Populations’.

Volcano breath for children can be used to cultivate a sense of peace. This is a great tool to use when children are feeling impatient or upset. It can help them feel calm, relaxed and more alert.

Join Next Generation yoga teacher Melissa Hawkins as she guides you through a listening meditation for children. This activity strengthens the mental circuits of our brain increasing the ability to focus and pay attention.